Penton Lock

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide high flood risk homes and businesses with flood insurance solutions.
We’ve built Flood Assist to help the thousands of home and business owners that live and work in high flood risk areas. We believe that living in a high flood risk area shouldn’t make you uninsurable it does however make you different, and we and our insurer partners get that.
Being different is good, and we’d like to think you’ll find us different too. We’re passionate about what we do and believe that the way that the insurance market understands and manages high flood risk needs to change and we intend to be at the forefront of helping make this happen.

Our Team

We’re a small and specialist team working together in rural Northamptonshire (nowhere near a watercourse). We don’t just spend our time helping our clients find flood insurance cover, we’re also rolling up our sleeves and get involved in the wider world of flood too, because we believe the more we understand about flooding the better we’re able to help you.

Liz Mitchell
Liz Mitchell, ACII, Chartered Insurance Broker
With 20+ years in insurance product development, distribution and underwriting working for organisations including BGL Group (those meercat people), Aviva, Lloyds of London and Jardine Lloyd Thompson, Liz is the founder and the driving force behind Flood Assist Insurance.

Robin Clark
Robin Clark, Ph.D.
With a background in the analysis of large scale temporal and spatial datasets, and over 15 years as a scientific systems and database developer, Rob is the IT, data and technical brains behind Flood Assist Insurance.

Our History

Penton Lock
Penton Hook Lock on the River Thames - this is where our journey began.
As a child Liz would get excited when the River Thames burst it’s banks and to her, being able to see under the house and out the other side simply meant that she had lots more places to hide. The reality of the situation was of course quite different, and the stress of owning a riverside property which was increasingly difficult and expensive to insure became too much and the family moved to higher waters.

Swan Hotel
The White Swan, Staines-On-Thames, February 2014

In February 2014 the South of England was inundated by a prolonged period of heavy rainfall. Surrey police declared a major incident as 14 severe flood warnings were issued in the Thames Valley.

At its peak 410 tonnes of water passed through Staines-On-Thames every second, so in 2015 when another family home purchase just behind the White Swan Pub, was under consideration, much debate was had over the house's potential flood risk.

A favour was called in via an underwriting friend who provided further insight on the level of flood risk and the likely insurability of the house. With a semi green light given, the imminent launch of Flood Re provided enough comfort for the deal to be sealed. Our advice didn’t end there, ensuring that the house and its contents were adequately insured should the worst happen, was also part of the package.

Flood Assist Insurance sprang into life in 2016 following a lot of research and learning about how the flood insurance market works, from how policies are sold through to how claims are handled. The conclusion we came to is that there is much improvement that the insurance industry as a whole could make. Flooding isn’t an issue that’s going to go away; the insurance industry just need to find a better way of managing it.
Normally when you mention the ‘F’ word (that’s Flood by the way) anywhere near anyone that works in insurance you hear a large intake of air followed shortly thereafter by a glazing over of the eyes. It’s a similar reaction when you mention the F word to anyone that owns a property in a high flood risk area too. As a specialist flood insurance broker, our role is to help find ways to overcome the challenges that home and businesses in high flood risk areas face and help find insurance solutions that works for both our them and our insurer partners.

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