Flood Insurance Knowledge Base

Flood Re Insurance Scheme for Dummies

Our plain English guide to the Flood Re Scheme

Our guide explains how the Flood Re Scheme works and how it could provide you with cheaper home insurance if you live in a high flood risk area.
Flood Insurance Guide

Flood Insurance Guide - Part One

If your home is located in a high flood risk area then not only will you want to have home insurance cover but you will also want to ensure that you have the right cover in place. Buying home insurance can be confusing so here at Flood Assist we've produced a guide to help.
Flood Insurance Guide

Flood Insurance Guide - Part Two

We've put together a Frequently Asked Questions guide to help you understand some of the common features and benefits of home insurance policies and how and why these may be of particular importance to property owners in high flood risk areas.
Understanding my Flood Risk

Understanding your Flood Risk

Being aware of your flood risk is your first step in managing it. Whilst flood insurance can compensate you for the loss of your possessions, nothing can compensate you for the emotional stress and upheaval that you face when your property is flooded.
Flood Emergency Kit

Flood Warning Symbols - What Do They Mean

You can sign up to free flood alerts and flood warnings via the Flood Assist website and app. Our real-time warnings are based on live data directly from the Environment Agency so you can guarantee you’ll have the most up to date information possible.
Pets and flooding

Pets and flooding - What do I do with my Pets in a Flood?

When flooding impacts an area it's not just people that are at risk and in danger, pets are too. Many home insurance policies also offer some cover for your pets. Our guide offers advice on pet and flood insurance and what to do with your pets in a flood.
Emergency Flood Kit

Preparing an Emergency Flood Kit

An emergency flood kit is intended to keep you going for a number of days should you become isolated or unable to leave your home. It should contain all the essential items you need should you become isolated in your home without heat, power and lighting. It may not be possible or safe to leave your home in heavy flooding, for example in 2014 homes and communities in Somerset were isolated by severe flooding.
Emergency Flood Grab Bag

Preparing an Emergency Flood Grab Bag

Flooding can occur at any time of day or night and often with very little warning. If you live in a high flood risk area it pays to be as prepared as possible and that includes having an Emergency Flood Kit to hand.