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Not everyone has the knowledge and expertise required to insure high flood risk properties and when that's the case we're here to help.

Giving the right advice and getting robust insurance cover from insurers that understand flood risk is one way you can help your clients protect their properties.

About Us

We're a small and specialist team with a big passion for what we do. Our understanding of the flood insurance market is second to none and our involvement in the world of flood goes well beyond insurance. Not only does this help us provide the best insurance solutions but it also sets us aside from our peers.

The first step in managing flood risk is awareness. Education and advice is a key part of what we do, providing you with clarity on the available insurance options through to sharing insight via our real time and historical flood data.

Why partner with Flood Assist?

  • Access to the largest panel of flood friendly insurers in the UK
  • Flood Re & non Flood Re solutions
  • Specialist knowledge & advice

Our Insurers

We're supported by the largest panel of specialist flood insurers in the UK so not only are we often able to provide cover when no one else can, but we're also able to offer competitive prices and a range of cover options.

We're particular about the insurers that we partner with, and value the nature and depth of the relationships we have with them. To our insurers it's not just the type of insurance that we specialise in that makes us different, but also the indepth understanding we have of our clients situation, and our data capability.

Personal Insurance

Covers available:

  • All risks (Flood Re & non Flood Re)
  • All risks excluding flood
  • Flood excess for businesses, landlords, residential homes, and holiday homes/lets

Property types including:

  • Standard construction
  • Non-standard construction
  • Second homes
  • Holiday homes/lets
  • Unoccupied properties
Cover provided by our market leading panel of insurers, including...