Flood Assist Insurance launches new free flood app

Here at Flood Assist Insurance we believe that the first step in managing flood risk is to be aware of it and we’re pleased to announce that we’ve developed a brand new app to help people in high flood risk areas do this.  

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What’s included in our app?

The app focuses on providing users with 2 main features: real time flood alerts/warnings and flood risk maps


  1. Real time flood alerts and warnings

The app indicates to users whether there are any current flood alert or warning in place in any location in England or Wales, unlike other flood warning services our app is map based. 

Users can also sign up for our free flood warning email service which will instantly send notification emails when a flood alert or flood warning is issued for a specific location.  Subscribers can choose to have alerts set up for multiple locations using a property’s postcode and the location can be further refined by the user being able to pinpoint their property’s exact location via google earth maps. 


  1. Flood risk maps

We have 2 different flood risk maps covering England and Wales which helps users identify whether they’re at risk of flooding from either a river or the sea or from surface water flooding.  Our maps also allow users to understand how likely their property is to be flooded by advising whether their property is located in a High, Medium, Low, or Very Low flood risk area.


Where do we get our data from?

Our data is obtained directly from the Environment Agency, Scottish Environment Protection Agency and National Resources Wales which is updated every 15 minutes so it’s as up to date as it possibly can be.

We also use high resolution maps from Ordnance Survey which lets you zoom in and locate your individual property, at full zoom you can clearly identify a properties building outline.

Where can you get our app from?

The app is available for iPhoneWindows Phone and Android and it won’t cost you a penny!


We hope you like our new service and we would be delighted to receive all feedback at info@floodassist.co.uk