Deckchairs on the beach

We all enjoy a nice view to relax by so it's not surprising that that many holiday properties are located near to a watercourse, be it the sea, a river, lake or loch. Unsurprisingly, holiday properties are therefore often at an increased risk of flooding.

What types of holiday properties can we insure?

Being the market leading provider of flood insurance in the UK, we have hand picked our insurer partners to ensure that we can provide cover for all types of holiday properties. We are also able to offer a wide range of cover options at competitive prices.

  • Holiday/second homes - homes that are solely used by family members.
  • Holiday lets - properties that are let on a short term basis to individuals.
  • Combined holiday home/holiday lets - properties used by family members that are also let.

Can both holiday lets and holiday home be included in the Flood Re Scheme?

Sometimes yes, but the property must meet the Flood Re eligibility criteria. When a holiday home is partially let and partially occupied by its owners we can under some circumstances still offer insurance under the Flood Re scheme.

Can you insure my holiday home or let even if it has previously flooded?

Yes, we can insure properties that have flooded on one or more occasions.

Can you insure log cabins and chalets?

Yes we can. We've selected our insurer card to be able to cover a wide range of property types including log cabins and chalets. Whatever your property type we have a solution for you.

Can you insure properties that pay business rates?

Yes we can. Many holiday let owners opt to pay business rates instead of council tax and we can offer insurance for these too.

Is standard home insurance suitable for holiday lets or holiday homes?

No, its not.

  • Holiday lets - these are very different to permanent homes which are occupied just by their owners. Not all insurers will offer cover for holiday lets so you should speak to a specialist provider that does. Holiday lets require additional insurance cover such as public liability and loss of rent cover which are not provided under a standard household insurance policy.
  • Holiday homes - whilst these are occupied by family members they are not considered to be the same type of risk by insurers as properties that are occupied as permanent homes. As with let properties not all insurers will offer cover for holiday homes so you should speak to a specialist provider that does.

If you need help getting insurance for your holiday home or holiday let call our team of flood specialists on 01832 770770.