Umbrella in the rain

An unoccupied home insurance policy covers you when your home is empty for a prolonged period of time. Most home insurance policies will only cover you if your home is empty for up to 30 days some will however offer longer periods of cover. Unoccupied homes are very different to occupied residential homes including being at a higher risk of structural damage than an occupied property for example, if a pipe bursts there would be no-one at the property to quickly notice it and manage repairs.

Can you cover an unoccupied property for flooding?

Cover for flood would be something that you would typically expect to be included in an unoccupied policy, however if your property is located in a high risk area or has previously flooded then this could be something many insurers will not provide cover for.

Are unoccupied properties eligible for Flood Re?

Yes, as long as they meet the eligibility criteria unoccupied residential properties are eligible for Flood Re.

What types of unoccupied properties can we insure?

  • Properties that are pending sale.
  • A property that you have purchased and don't plan on moving in to for a while.
  • Properties pending probate.
  • Properties undergoing renovation that can not be lived in.
  • A property that has been inherited or that is not your main residence.
  • Under some circumstances properties that are under repair following a recent flood.

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