About the Report

We've developed our property flood risk report to help increase the awareness of flooding to people who live and work in areas that are at risk at flooding from the rivers or sea. This report is based on data provided directly by the Environment Agency (EA) and National Resources Wales (NRW) which is made available under the Open Government Licence V2. Its accuracy is therefore subject to their interpretation of the flood risk in any specified location. This report is only available for England and Wales as no equivalent data is published by SEPA or that covers Northern Ireland.
If you have any questions regarding our data contact us at info@floodassist.co.uk or telephone on 01832 770770.
This report will provide you with:
  • Your overall flood risk classification according to the Environment Agency or National Resources Wales (note that this is your risk from Rivers and Seas only).
  • Whether your property is within 500m of a flood that has been recorded by the Environment Agency or National Resources Wales.
  • Confirmation of which flood alert and warning areas your property is included within (this data is based on your overall flood risk including: rivers and seas, groundwater flooding and surface water flooding).
  • The flood alert and warning history for each alert and warning area your property is included in over the past 5 years.
This information is provided as part of the EA and NRW Open Data initiative and as such, Flood Assist excludes all representations, warranties, obligations and liabilities in relation to this information to the maximum extent permitted by law. Our data is obtained directly from EA and NRW and is therefore subject to their interpretation of your flood risk. Flood Assist is not liable for any errors or omissions in the information, nor is it liable for any loss, injury or damage of any kind caused by its use. Flood Assist does not guarantee the continued supply and update of the information.

Create Your Property Flood Risk Report

Enter your postcode and then select your address.

Check and confirm your location

From your postcode we've identified your location as the red marker on the map below.

You can increase the accuracy of your flood report by clicking on the map to move the red marker to your exact location.

Flood Risk from Rivers and Seas

High Risk - the chance of flooding from rivers or the sea in this area is greater than once every 30 years (>3.3%).
Medium Risk - the chance of flooding from rivers or the sea in this area is between once every 100 and 30 years (1-3.3%).
Low Risk - the chance of flooding from rivers or the sea in this area is between once every 1000 and 100 years (0.1-1%).

Distance from Flood Risk Area

Previously Recorded Floods

Area of recorded flooding

Flood Alert and Warning Areas

Flood Alert Area - For these areas the highest level of flood notification that you will receive is a Flood Alert.
Flood Warning Area - For these areas, you may receive Flood Warnings or Severe Flood Warnings.
What do the flood warnings and alerts mean?

Your location is included within or near to the following Flood Alert and/or Flood Warning areas:

These alert and warning areas are based on the EA or NRW assessment of your flood risk from coast, river and groundwater. If a flood alert refers to groundwater this does not mean that your property is definitely at risk. It is very difficult to predict the exact location of flooding from groundwater as it is often related to local geology. To help people, we provide flood alerts for large areas that could be affected if groundwater levels were high. If you think this information would be useful, then sign up to receive free flood alert messages.

Flood Alert and Warning History

The following number of historic flood alert and warnings that have previously been recorded for your location.

Your location is not in any flood alert or warning areas. However, it is near to the following flood alert or warning areas.

Additional Resources

We've also developed additional flood information resources that you may also find useful: