In a nutshell

Refer a neighbour is an easy way of introducing others to Flood Assist's great products and service, and for you to benefit at the same time!

If you think we've done a great job of looking after you then we'd love you to tell your neighbours. If you recommend us to someone who then takes out an insurance policy through Flood Assist we'll send you a £20 Amazon Voucher to say Thank You!

We value our relationship with our customers and believe that Refer a Neighbour is simple, honest, and an open way to say thank you for your recommendation, the more people you recommend that take out a policy the more rewards you'll receive!

The serious bit

Details of the terms and conditions of the Refer a Neighbour Scheme can be found here.

Flood Assist 'Refer a Neighbour' - Question and Answers

How can I apply for the 'Refer a Neighbour' scheme?

You, as a client do not apply directly for the Refer a Neighbour scheme. If you recommend us to a neighbour they'll need to reference you as recommending them to us when they call for a quote, all they'll need is your name, address, and postcode. If your friend or neighbour takes out a home insurance policy with us, as a thank you, we'll reward you with a £20 Amazon Voucher subject to the scheme's terms and conditions.

I told one of my neighbours to contact you directly - can I still have my reward voucher?

Yes, as long as your neighbour tells us form the outset that they're calling on your recommendation.

What if I don't renew my policy?

As long as you have a current policy when the reward is validated, the voucher will be issued and valid until the providers expiry date.

What if my neighbour cancels their policy during the policy year?

If your neighbour cancels their policy from the policy's start date, then the e-voucher remains valid, if they cancel their policy in the first 30 days then we won't be able to issue a voucher to you.

How long will it take for me to receive my vouchers?

The voucher will be issued to you between 30 and 60 days of the start date of your neighbour's insurance policy.

What information does my neighbour need to give you for me to get my voucher?

Your neighbour just needs to confirm your name and your address.

How many neighbours can I refer?

You can refer an unlimited number of neighbours, and you can even refer a friend too if they live in a high flood risk area.

Do I have to be a customer to refer a neighbour?

Yes, you have to hold a current insurance policy with us to refer a neighbour and benefit from the scheme.

Will Flood Assist backdate a referral if my neighbour forgot to mention me on the first quotation call?

We will need to have received confirmation of your details (name and address) before the inception of your neighbour's policy to enable you to receive the reward.

How long after taking out my policy can I start referring other people to you?

You can start referring people to us after the first 14 days of your policy start date.

Can my neighbour apply online? How can I refer people to you?

The refer a neighbour scheme is only available by phone.

My neighbours insurance policy isn't due to renew yet; can they contact Flood Assist now?

Your neighbour will need to contact us when their policy is due for renewal, ideally 30 days before their current policy is due to end. We'd recommend that you put a date in your diary, so you don't miss out.

Can I contact Flood Assist to ask when the e-voucher may be issued?

If your neighbour takes out a policy with us, and you are due a reward we will contact you and let you know. However, if you contact us to check whether we have provided a quotation to a neighbour you have referred, we cannot discuss this with you. You will need to speak to the neighbour you have referred if you have any questions regarding a quotation.

Are there terms and conditions that I need to comply with or be aware of?

Yes, the terms and conditions can be found here.