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Being in a high flood risk area shouldn't make you uninsurable, it does however make you different and we've created Flood Assist Insurance with that in mind.
As a flood insurance specialist we're supported by a leading panel of insurers that know and understand what high flood risk means and want to insure home and business owners in high flood risk areas.
We can provide flood insurance cover if you:
  • Have previously made a flood insurance claim
  • Have previously been flooded
  • Are eligible for the Flood Re scheme
  • Are in a high flood risk area
Get the right advice and cover that doesn't leave you high and dry when you need it the most.

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Prepare for the worst and makes sure that you have essential information to hand whenever and wherever you are:
  • Live flood warnings and alerts
  • Sign up for flood warnings and alerts via email
  • Create, store and share your personalised digital flood plan
  • Live river level, river flow and rainfall data
Our Flood Assist insurance customers can also:
  • View and download your insurance documents 24/7
  • Quickly and easily report an insurance claim
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