Preparing an Emergency Flood Kit

Why Should You Prepare an Emergency Flood Kit?

An emergency flood kit is intended to keep you going for a number of days should you be unable to leave your home. It should contain all the essential items you need should you become isolated without heat, power and lighting. It may not be possible or safe to leave your home in heavy flooding, for example in 2014 homes and communities in Somerset were isolated by severe flooding for several days.
What should you include in your emergency flood kit?
What should you keep your flood kit in?

You'll need a container that large enough to store everything you need for all your household such as a large plastic box with a lid.

Where should you keep your emergency flood kit?

You should store your flood kit upstairs if possible and don't forget to note its location on your flood plan.

All households will differ, making preparing an emergency flood kit a family activity as not only will this help ensure you have everything you need but it will also help prepare children for what they need to do.
REMEMBER to check your flood kit regularly to ensure that food and water supplies are in date and that batteries etc still work.