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A flood excess is a payment that your insurance company will ask you to pay towards any flood insurance claim that you make.

If your home or business is located in a high flood risk area or you previously made a flood insurance claim, your insurer may put an increased flood excess on your insurance cover. Flood excesses that are put on your policy by your insurer can run in into the tens of thousands of pounds however for some clients having a policy with a large flood excess may be one of the few flood insurance options available to them.

Asking your insurer or broker to provide you with a quotation with an increased your flood excess can also be a good way to try and reduce your insurance premium, and is something our clients ask us to do for them particularly if they have invested in flood mitigation measures or are confident that their properties are not likely to be flooded.

If your home is included in the Flood Re Scheme your flood insurance excess will be £250 and your insurer will not be able to increase this for you.

Here at Flood Assist Insurance we can provide immediate Flood Excess Insurance for:

  • Businesses, Landlords, homeowners and holiday homes
  • Policy excesses up to £50,000 (higher on referral)
  • Properties that have previously flooded

If you would like to find our more about Flood Excess Insurance or get a quote for your property call one of our team on 01832 770770

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