Flooded Street

Flood Insurance for your Home or Business

Insurance is just one of a number of solutions to help you manage your flood risk, it's a promise to pay if the waters enter your property, and for those of you that have experienced how life impacting this actually is, you'll probably be keen for it not to happen again.
Many people are often surprised to learn that its more likely that your home or business will be flood than it is to be burgled. We all go to great lengths to keep theives at bay, but when it comes to keeping water out, as a nation we typically don't invest in flood resilience measures. Keeping water out of your property and minimising damage if does get in to your property will get you back in your home sooner or have your business back up and running faster.
There is one thing for certain, and that is that Insurance can't compensate for the often devastating impact that a flood has on peoples lives.

Getting Insurance Cover

If your home or business is located in a high flood risk areas you're likely to find it harder and more expensive to get insurance cover, you're also likely to have different insurance needs so it's important that you get the right level of cover in place.
We're establishing Flood Assist as specialist flood insurance broker to help the hundreds and thousands of home and business owners in the UK that are located in high flood risk areas find insurance cover.
With our regulatory approval from the Financial Conduct Authority almost complete we're now working hard to put our systems and products in place so that we can get to work on your behalf.
Follow us on our journey over the next few months on Twitter, Facebook or of course at floodassist.co.uk.

Let us help you with your insurance when we're up and running