A combined household policy is an insurance policy that covers both buildings and contents. If you need both buildings and contents insurance a combined policy can have advantages over individual policies for contents and buildings

  • It's easier to manage one insurance policy rather than two
  • You only have to remember one renewal date
  • Most insurers will offer a discount for combined policies
  • If you need to make a claim that involves both your buildings and contents policy, you'll only have to pay one policy excess
If my home is at risk of flooding what insurance cover do I need?

If your property is in a high flood risk area, there is a greater chance that you are likely to make a claim, so when buying flood insurance it is really important that you have the right cover in place.

We've produced a two part guide to help people in high flood risk areas understand in more detail the types of insurance that you can buy to protect their home, and some of the features and benefits that may important to them.

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