Flood Warning Symbols

What do they Mean?

Flood Warning Symbols - What Do They Mean?

When you receive notification of a flood alert or flood warning it's important that you know what they mean and what you need to do:

Flood alert iconFlood Alert

What does a Flood Alert mean? - Flooding is possible and you should be prepared
When is an Alert issued? - 2 hours to 2 days in advance of flooding
What causes an Alert?
What should you do?

Flood warning iconFlood Warning

What does a Flood Warning mean? - Flooding is expected and immediate action is required
When is a Flood Warning issued?half and hour to one day in advance of flooding
What causes a Flood Warning?
What should you do?

Severe Flood warning iconSevere Flood Warning

What does a Severe Flood Warning mean?Severe flooding and danger to life
When is a Severe Flood Warning issued? - When flooding poses a significant risk to life or significant disruption to communities
What causes a Severe Flood Warning?
What should you do?
You can sign up to free flood alerts and flood warnings via the Flood Assist website and app. Our real-time warnings are based on live data directly from the Environment Agency so you can guarantee you'll have the most up to date information possible.