Flood Warning Info - West Mersea, the Strood and adjacent marshland

Area Description

West Mersea, the Strood and adjacent marshland .

This is a Flood Warning Area. For this area, you may receive Flood Warnings or Severe Flood Warnings.
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Flood Warning Currently in Force

There are no Flood Warnings currently in force for this area. See below for historical flood warnings.

Area Covered by this Flood Warning

The red highlighted area on the map below outlines the area covered by this Flood Warning.
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Flood Warning History

Number of historic Flood Warnings that have previously been recorded for this area:
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Historical Flood Warning Messages for this Area

Flood Warning issued on 5 Oct 2017 14:54
Tidal River Colne, North Sea
This message has been issued because of forecast local weather conditions during spring tides. Tides are expected to be higher than usual and may cause minor flooding in low lying coastal areas. The current forecast is for a single risk tide only, with no indication of later tides causing concern. High water is due at Clacton at 00:45am, on Friday 6th October 2017. The detailed forecast for those that use it is for a peak level of 3.28mAODN, which is 0.56m above tide tables. The wind forecast is Force 6, North-Westerly. (mAODN means height above average sea level, for more info refer to local tide tables). Areas most at risk are marshland around Mersea Island, The Strood. Waterside properties in West Mersea, including those on Shears Crescent, Coast Road, Seaview holiday park and Waldegraves holiday park. This is close to the lowest level at which a flood warning could be issued. We are monitoring the situation and will update this message if the situation changes.