Flood Alert Info - Groundwater flooding in the Cranborne Chase area

Area Description

Bishopstone, Bourton, Breamore, Britford, Broadchalk, Burgate, Chilmark, Coombe Bissett, Downton, Farnham, Fordingbridge, Hinton St. Mary, Homington, Mere, Pimperne, Ringwood, Rockbourne, Shapwick, Sixpenny Handley, T. Gunville, T.Hinton and T.Monkton.
This is a Flood Alert Area. For this area the highest level of flood notification that you will receive is a Flood Alert. No Flood Warnings or Severe Flood Warnings are issued for this area.
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There are no Flood Alerts currently in force for this area. See below for historical flood warnings.

Area Covered by this Flood Alert

The orange highlighted area on the map below outlines the area covered by this Flood Alert.
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Flood Alert History

Number of historic Flood Alerts that have previously been recorded for this area:
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Historical Flood Alert Messages for this Area

Flood Alert issued on 13 Apr 2018 15:55
Groundwater levels across Cranborne Chase have now started to fall back at nearly every monitoring point. Some minor roads are still flooded however and some householders may experience problems with septic tanks. There is a chance of some heavy rain on Sunday which, when combined with the existing very wet conditions may lead to further problems. Otherwise, more settled weather is expected next week and a real reduction in groundwater problems should follow. The roads at Minchington, Monkton up Wimborne and Stubhamton are still under water and there is a lot of standing water on fields.Motorists should take special care to ensure their own safety and to prevent their wash from flooding properties alongside roads that are under water.

Flood Alert issued on 7 Apr 2018 11:15
Following a brief slightly drier spell groundwater levels have continued to rise overnight, but at a slower rate than in previous days. However, further rainfall is expected through to the middle of next week. Prolonged heavy rainfall will inevitably accelerate the rate that water table rises. Where groundwater is near the surface, intense rainfall will lead to surface water flooding. There are particular problems with roads flooded and impassable to some at Monkton up Wimborne, Stubhampton, Gussage St Andrew and Minchington. residents are advised to prepare property resilience measures and ensure that pumps are working where they have been installed.

Flood Alert issued on 5 Apr 2018 11:59
Groundwater levels across the Cranborne Chase area are still rising after the wet holiday period. A slight respite on Thursday and Friday will be followed by more unsettled weather over the weekend and next week. Levels will remain high over the weekend. Residents are advised to ensure that pumps and other property resilience measures are operational.

Flood Alert issued on 2 Apr 2018 12:11
Groundwater levels have responded to prolonged rainfall over the last week and are now rising quite steeply across the Cranborne Chase area. We expect the winterbournes to be flowing strongly and some roads may be flooded particularly the top end of the Tarrant valley, the Gussage at Minchington and the Allen through Monkton-up-Wimborne. Residents with pumps are advised to ensure that they are switched on and working properly.