Flood Warning Info - Isolated low lying properties along the tidal River Waveney

Area Description

Isolated low lying properties along the tidal River Waveney.

This is a Flood Warning Area. For this area, you may receive Flood Warnings or Severe Flood Warnings.
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Flood Warning Currently in Force

There are no Flood Warnings currently in force for this area. See below for historical flood warnings.

Area Covered by this Flood Warning

The red highlighted area on the map below outlines the area covered by this Flood Warning.
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Flood Warning History

Number of historic Flood Warnings that have previously been recorded for this area:
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Historical Flood Warning Messages for this Area

Flood Warning issued on 28 Oct 2017 15:57
River Waveney
This message has been issued because we are expecting high water levels due to the natural tide locking caused by high waters at Great Yarmouth, which is restricting the normal drainage out to sea of the Broads system at low tide. High levels in the Broads may last all day until the high tides have passed. High water is due at Lowestoft at 5:30am on Sunday 29th October 2017. The detailed forecast for those that use it is for a peak level of 2.01mAODN, which is 1.51m above tide tables. The wind forecast is Force 7, North North West (mAODN means height above average sea level, for more info refer to local tide tables). Levels can take several hours to peak in the Broads in response to incoming tidal waters. Remain vigilant. Areas most at risk are in St Olaves, Somerleyton, Burgh St Peter, Oulton Broad and Beccles. Roads likely to be affected include Beccles Road at St Olaves, Geldeston Lock Lane, Gillingham Dam and Fen Lane in Beccles.