Our Wider Involvement in the World of Flooding

By continually improving our understanding about flooding and flood management we're better able to help our clients, that's why we're rolling our sleeves up and getting involved.
As a specialist flood insurance broker, we're uniquely positioned to understand the challenges that both our customers and our insurers face. By sharing our expertise, knowledge and insight that we can help educate, inform and drive change.
It's not just our clients and insurers that can beneft from our work, we recognise that we also have a supporting role to play in the flood industry too.
We're pleased to be a part of and supporting a number of organisations and projects that are at the forefront of driving change:
We're always keen to support projects and initiatives where we can – if you'd like our help email our team at liz.mitchell@floodassist.co.uk or call us on 01832 770770