How Our Journey Began...

I've had a strong connection with water all my life, much of my childhood was spent by the riverside – just opposite Penton Hook Lock on the River Thames for those of you that know that neck of the woods.
Back then the seasonal rise and fall of the river brought much exccarousel-itement, nowadays and even more so since establishing Flood Assist large expanses of water create a different set of emotions. The stresses of living beside a river can take its toll and our long standing family home was sold in 2005.
In February 2014, 400 tonnes of water flowed through Staines-On-Thames bridge every second triggering one of the fourteen severe flood warnings in the Thames Valley.
Six months later another family purchase 50m away from Staines bridge was under consideration and the debate on how likely it was to flood and how hard it would be to insure began.
Working in insurance does have some benefits and through my insurance contacts we were able to gain a better understanding of how bad the flood risk was and how difficult the house would be to insure. Knowing that Flood Re was imminently launching and armed with the knowledge of what good insurance cover looks like and how to navigate my way through a claim should the worst happen the purchase went ahead.
What made the difference was having the knowedge and expertise to be able to understand the properties risk of flooding and to put the right measures in place to protect it - welcome to Flood Assist!
Liz Mitchell, ACII, Chartered Insurance Broker
Founder, Flood Assist Insurance