Flood Warning Info - Tidal area at Borth

Area Description

The area from Ynyslas to Brynowen, including low lying land and properties between the sea defences and the River Leri .
Note that this flood area is no longer used for notifications as it is no longer required or has been superseded by other nearby flood areas.
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Area Covered by this Flood Warning

The red highlighted area on the map below outlines the area covered by this Flood Warning.
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Flood Warning History

Number of historic Flood Warnings that have previously been recorded for this area:
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Historical Flood Warning Messages for this Area

  • We have only been collating detailed flood messages since May 2017.
  • Each Flood Warning may have multiple updates. The messages listed below may therefore be greater than the number of alerts detailed in the Flood Warning table above.

Flood Warning issued on 8 Feb 2020 20:36
South West
This Flood Warning is for the high tides on Sunday 9th February. High tides at Borth are expected to occur at approximately 08:15 AM and 8:30 PM. The winds are forecast to be force 8 to 9 on Sunday morning, dropping to Force 7 to 8 by the evening, from a general South Westerly direction. Values in Tide Tables are not especially large during Sunday, however, these tides will coincide with Storm Ciara which will bring strong winds, tidal surge and very large waves. Impacts are only expected to be relatively minor in this area, however please avoid seafront areas around high tide. There is likely to be sea spray, with a small chance of wave overtopping. In combination with the strong winds, conditions will be dangerous. Based on the current forecast impacts are expected to be greatest on the Sunday morning tide, the risk is greatly reduced by Sunday evening. We will continue to monitor the situation and update this message if the situation changes.

Flood Warning issued on 2 Jan 2018 13:48
South West
This Flood Warning is for tides between Tues 2nd Jan 2018 and Weds 3rd Jan. The winds are forecast to be force 8 from a Westerly direction. Offshore waves are expected to be very large. High tide at Aberystwyth is expected to occur at approximately 8:06 PM on Tues 2nd Jan 2018 and at 8:27 AM on Weds 3rd Jan. Be careful on beaches, promenades, coastal footpaths& roads and low lying land. Be careful as sea spray and waves could be dangerous and could contain debris.