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Whilst flooding can cause damage to buildings, equipment and stock it is often the financial impact of a business, not being able to trade that leads to many businesses permanently shutting their doors.

The extreme weather events over the past couple of years have seen an increasing number of insurers no longer offering cover for businesses that have previously flooded or that are in high flood risk areas.

As a specialist flood insurance broker we're reliant on insurers being willing to offer cover for high flood risk and previously flooded properties, and there are few that are willing to do so. Unlike home insurance, there is no Flood Re equivalent scheme that offers cover for businesses.

Our advice to business owners:

  • If your property is in a high flood risk area or you have previously flooded and your current insurer will still offer you cover for flood - hold on to it! It is unlikely we or anyone else will be able to offer you a premium that is more competitive.
  • If your insurer is offering flood cover with a flood excess, you can take out a flood excess policy this is often a good cost effective insurance solution. Please contact us if you require a flood excess quotation.
  • If you have already contacted lots of insurance providers, and no one is able to offer you cover for flood, it's a good indication that insurers' view your property as at a high risk of flooding. Whilst we may be able to provide you with cover, it is likely that it will be expensive.
  • If you are considering buying or renting a property that has previously flooded, or that is in a high flood risk area, and you are finding obtaining flood insurance challenging, it is unlikely that obtaining flood cover in the future will get any easier.

How can we help you?

It is possible to obtain an insurance policy that covers you just against flooding. This is a seperate insurance policy that runs independantly alongside a standard business insurance policy that covers you for other risks such as fire and theft. We are able to offer you two types of insurance policy that will cover you just for flooding.