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The extreme weather events over the past couple of years have seen an increasing number of insurers no longer wanting to provide cover for let residential and commercial properties that have previously flooded or are in high flood risk areas.

Unlike many residential homes, let properties are not eligible for the Flood Re scheme.

Even as a specialist flood insurance broker we're reliant on insurers being willing to offer cover for high flood risk and previously flooded properties, and there are very few that are willing to do so.

Whilst we do work with specialist insurers that are sometimes able to offer cover for let properties, premiums are often prohibitively expensive.

Our advice to landlords:

  • If your property is in a high flood risk area or you have previously flooded and your current insurer will still offer you cover for flood - hold on to it! It is unlikely we will be able to offer you a premium that is more competitive.
  • If your insurer is offering flood cover with a large flood excess, your best option is likely to be to take out a flood excess policy. Please contact us if you require a flood excess quotation.
  • If you have contacted many insurance providers so far, and no one is able to offer you cover for flood, it's a good indication that insurers' view is that your property is high flood risk. Whilst we may be able to provide you with a quotation, it is likely that this will be prohibitively expensive.
  • Even if your property has flooded due to a really unusual set of circumstances it is still possible that insurers won't want to offer cover for flood.
  • If you are considering buying a property to let that has previously flooded, or is in a high flood risk area, and you are finding obtaining flood insurance challenging, it is unlikely that obtaining flood cover in the future will get any easier.
  • Your tenant may be able to still obtain flood insurance for their contents as well as alternative accommodation under the Flood Re scheme.