Parametric Insurance

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Parametric insurance is far simpler than a traditional insurance policy because it pays out on the occurance of a flood event rather than for the damage that a flood causes.

How does parametric insurance work?

A parametric policy pays out immediately when pre-agreed triggers are met.

Check out the video below to see how it works.

What's great about a parametric insurance policy?

  • It pays out whether or not your property sustains any damage.
  • You can spend your payment in anyway you choose.
  • Rapid payout - claims are normally paid in a couple of days.
  • Transparent claims service - payments are made on preagreed triggers so there is no arguement about the amount you will be paid.
  • Choice of cover - you get to set the trigger depths and payment amounts.

Who can we insure?

Parametric insurance is particularly well suited to properties that have been adapted to be flood resilient and or resistant, however any type of commercial premises can be insured via a parametric insurance policy including:

  • Landlords.
  • • Property owners.
  • • Retailers.
  • • Offices.
  • • Manufacturing and distribution trades.

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