Flood Warning Area Information for Dumfries

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Ayrshire and Arran

Coastline from Gretna to Silloth

Gretna to Silloth, areas at risk include properties at Mossband Hall Marsh, Silloth, Burgh Marsh, Port Carlisle, Wampool Estuary, Skinburness Marsh, Skinburness and Rockcliffe

Gretna to Silloth including properties at Skinburness, Whinclose, Port Carlisle, Salt Cotes, Kirkbride, Port Carlisle, Boustead Hill, and Longburgh

Dumfries and Galloway



Nith Tidal

Rivers Esk and Irthing and other watercourses, including low lying areas around Longtown and Brampton

Scottish Borders

Southerness Point

Upper Solway Firth

West Central Scotland