Flood Warning Area Information for Nottinghamshire

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Cocker Beck at Lowdham and properties at Lowdham around Southwell Road

Day Brook at Old Basford including Valley Road

Day Brook at Ventnor Rise and Athorpe Grove in Old Basford including Rydal Grove

Fossdyke canal from Torksey Lock to Lincoln and the River Till. Tributaries may also affect Saxilby, Harby, Wigsley, and Skellingthorpe

Low lying areas around Saxilby and Skellingthorpe

Isolated properties and villages near the River Witham and River Brant from Claypole to Lincoln including, Sutton, Beckingham, Stapleford, Bassingham, Thurlby, Brant Broughton, North Hykeham and Bracebridge

Isolated properties and villages near the River Witham from South Witham to Claypole including South Witham, Colsterworth, Great Ponton, Little Ponton, Belton, Syston, Westborough, Long Bennington and Claypole

Black Brook, Wood Brook, Burleigh Brook, Grace Dieu Brook, Hermitage Brook and other urban watercourses in Loughborough

Lower River Soar in Leicestershire including tributaries from Cossington to Redhill at the River Trent

Ouse Dyke and River Trent at Netherfield, including Drummond Avenue, Rochester Avenue and Kingsley Drive

Ouse Dyke at Gedling and Carlton, including Waverley Avenue and Tennyson Avenue

River Devon, Smite and tributaries from Knipton to the River Trent at Newark on Trent

River Devon at Bottesford including Easthorpe, Muston and Woolsthorpe

The River Doe Lea from Hardwick Hall to Staveley

River Erewash at Stapleford from the M1 to the playing fields south of Moorbridge Lane and Boundary Brook up to Trowell Road

River Erewash at Stapleford from Crawford Avenue to Sandiacre Road

River Erewash at Ilkeston including the Depot and Viaduct at Cossall Common and Ilkeston Junction

River Erewash at Ironville including Nottingham Lane and Victoria Street

River Erewash at Jacksdale including B6016 Pye Hill Road

River Erewash at Langley Mill including Shipley Gate

River Erewash at Pinxton including the Sewage Works and properties around the ponds

River Erewash at Pye Bridge including the Willows at Alfreton Road and the Sewage Works

River Erewash at Sandiacre including Station Road and the Depot by Bessell Lane

River Erewash and tributaries from Kirkby-in-Ashfield to the River Trent at Attenborough

River Idle at Bawtry including the A631 Bawtry Bridge and properties near the river on Church Street

River Idle at Misson including surrounding isolated properties and farms

River Idle at South Retford, Eaton, Gamston and Thrumpton

River Idle at West Retford and Ordsall including Works nearby the Belmoor Lake, the Industrial Estate and West Field

River Idle and tributaries from West Drayton to the confluence with the River Trent

River Leen including Day Brook in Nottinghamshire

River Leen at Bulwell including Highbury Vale

River Leen at Radford including properties around Triumph Road

River Maun at Edwinstowe and Ollerton including the junction on A614 Mansfield Road and Ollerton Road

River Maun at Haughton, Milton and West Drayton including the Earth Holme Plantation and riverside Farms near Milton

River Maun at Mansfield including Bleak Hills and The Park

River Maun at Sherwood Forest Caravan Park near Kings Clipstone including roads to riverside farms

River Maun in Nottinghamshire including Mansfield, Edwinstowe, Ollerton and Milton

River Meden at Budby including A616 Worksop Road and the North Farm

River Meden at Market Warsop, Church Warsop and Meden Vale including Gleadthorpe

River Meden in Nottinghamshire including Church Road and Blyth Road

River Ryton at Blyth including Brecks Wood, Ash Holt and Redbridge House

River Ryton at Scrooby including Serlby and the riverside cottages and farms, and the Great North Road

River Ryton at Worksop Town Centre including Shireoaks, Central Avenue, Ryton Street, Bridge Street, Hardy Street, Allen Street and King Street

River Ryton at Worksop around the Shelley Street area

River Smite at Aslockton and Whatton including the Dark Lane, the Recreation Ground and the Whatton Prison

River Smite at Shelton Lodge and Port Grange Farms

River Soar at Kegworth including riverside properties and farms around the A6 London Road and Long Lane

River Soar at Moor Lane in Normanton on Soar and Hathern Sports Ground including Pasture Lane and Hathern C of E Primary School

River Soar at Normanton on Soar including Hathern Sports Ground area

River Soar at Ratcliffe on Soar including areas near the railway at Kingston on Soar

River Soar at Redhill and Kegworth Bridge including Grounds Farm Cottages

River Soar at Sutton Bonnington including riverside properties around the Main Street

River Soar at Zouch Island including Zouch Farm and riverside properties on the Zouch Road to Hathern

River Trent at Attenborough Nature Reserve including the Visitor Centre

River Trent at Attenborough Village including The Strand

River Trent at Averham, Staythorpe and Kelham including the Staythorpe Power Station

River Trent at Barton in Fabis including Manor Road, Chestnut Lane, Brown Lane and Rectory Place

River Trent at Beckingham Marsh including the junction of Stockwith Road and Marsh Lane to Misterton

River Trent at Beeston for Beeston Marina and Lock

River Trent at Beeston Rylands including Beeston, University Park, Dunkirk and The Queens Medical Centre

River Trent at Besthorpe including the Besthrope Nature Reserve

River Trent at Bleasby including the properties around the Main Street

River Trent at Burton Joyce including properties around the A6142 Nottingham Road

River Trent at Carlton on Trent including Beck Cottage and Great North Road

River Trent at Caythorpe including Main Street and Caythorpe Road near Morrfield Farm

River Trent at Collingham including Ferry Lane Farm, Westfield Farm and Wharf Bungalow area

River Trent at Colwick and Victoria Park, including Colwick Industrial Estate and Colwick Vale

River Trent at Colwick Racecourse including Racecourse Road

River Trent at Cottam including Coates, Littleborough and North Leverton with Habblesthorpe

River Trent at Cromwell including The Ness and the Sewage Works

River Trent at Dunham-on-Trent including junction on Low Street and Upper Row to Manor Farm

River Trent at East Ferry and Wildsworth including isolated properties from the M180 to Gainsborough

River Trent at Farndon including properties around Farndon and Fosse Roads

River Trent at Farndon riverside properties including Dorner Avenue, Wyke Lane and Marsh Lane

River Trent at Fiskerton including Morton and the Lodge Farm

River Trent at Fiskerton for Fiskerton Mill including Rolleston Fields, Gorse and Nurseries

River Trent at Fledborough and Ragnall including The Gables

River Trent at Gibsmere and Gipsy Lane at Bleasby including riverside farms

River Trent at Girton including Green and Trent Lanes

A6097 Gunthorpe to Lowdham Road affecting access too and from Gunthorpe

River Trent at Gunthorpe including Riverdale Caravan Park and access via the A6097 between Lowdham and Gunthorpe

River Trent at Hatfield Chase including isolated properties from the M180 to Gainsborough

River Trent at High Marnham and Low Marnham including Grassthorpe and farms along the Main Street

River Trent at Holme including the properties on the riverside of the A1133

River Trent at Holme Pierrepont including Green Acres Mobile Home Park

River Trent at Holme Pierrepont for the National Watersports Centre including the Trent Fields

River Trent at Hoveringham including farms around the Causeway Dyke

River Trent at Laneham and Church Laneham including farms nearby

River Trent at Lea and areas around Lea Marshes Main Drain and Humble Carr Drain

Nottingham Park and Ride Site and businesses off Lenton Lane

River Trent at Newark including Winthorpe

River Trent at Newark Cattle Market including Kelham Road, Cullen Close, Sandhills Park and Sandhills Close

River Trent at Newark for riverside properties including Mather Road, Brewer's Wharf and Water Lane

River Trent at Newark Sugar Factory and Kelham Bridge including the A616 Great North Road

River Trent at Newark Tolney Lane and Riverside Marinas including Tolney Lane Caravan Park

River Trent at North Clifton and South Clifton including Wheatholme

River Trent at North Muskham and low lying farms

River Trent at Nottingham for The Meadows including Lenton, Meadow Lane Industrial Area, Castle Meadow Retail Park, Nottingham Train Station and areas around The National Ice Centre

River Trent at Owston Ferry and West Butterwick including the River Idle Confluence at West Stockwith and isolated riverside properties from the M180 to Gainsborough

River Trent at Radcliffe on Trent including the Animal Shelter

River Trent at Radcliffe on Trent for Radcliffe Park Static Caravan Site

River Trent at Rolleston including Southwell Racecourse

River Trent at Shelford including properties and farms between the Main Road and Waterfurrows Lane

River Trent at Shelford for Shelford Manor and The Holmes including Church Street

River Trent at South Muskham and Little Carlton including Slake Lane, Great North Road, Kelham Lane, Crow Lane and Ollerton Road

River Trent at Spalford, Wigsley and Harby including properties at North Scarle and Kettlethorpe

River Trent at Stoke Bardolph including the Works and low lying farms

River Trent at Sutton-on-Trent including Carlton Hall including properties around Carlton Lane

River Trent at Thrumpton including Barton Ferry including the riverside farms and the Lake House

River Trent at Torksey including Marton and Newton

River Trent at West Bridgford including Gamston and the confluence of Melton Road, Wilford Lane and Loughborough Road

River Trent at Wilford including properties around the Fairham Brook, Ruddington Lane and the Main Road

River Trent from Cromwell Weir to Gainsborough including The Flood Road, A156, Dunham Road and Gainsborough Road

River Trent in Nottinghamshire from Castle Donington to Cromwell Weir

Tributaries in Nottinghamshire including the River Greet, Potwell Dyke, Carr Dyke, Dover Beck, Cocker Beck, Thurgarton Beck, Fairham Brook and others

Rivers Erewash and Trent at Toton around the A6005

Rivers Leen and Trent at Dunkirk including Nottingham's Queen Medical Centre and University Boulevard

Rivers Leen and Trent at Old Lenton and Castle Marina including Nottingham Canal

Rivers Leen at Old Basford, New Basford and Bobbers Mill including Works at New Basford

Rivers Trent and Erewash at Chilwell including Attenborough and areas near to the Sewage Works and Chilwell Manor Golf Club

River Ryton and tributaries from Lindrick Dale to Scrooby and Oldcotes Dyke from Oldcotes to Blyth

Tidal Trent for riverside areas from Gainsborough to the Humber confluence, including West Stockwith, Wildsworth, East Ferry, East and West Butterwick, Derrythorpe, Gunness and Keadby

Tidal Trent for the wider floodplain between Gainsborough and the Humber confluence, including Doncaster, Wroot, Sandtoft, Eastoft, Goole, Crowle, Scotter and Scunthorpe

River Witham and its tributaries from Claypole to Lincoln

River Witham and its tributaries from South Witham to Claypole

Wood Brook and River Soar at Loughborough including areas around Loughborough Meadows, the Industrial Estates and the Queen's Park