Flood Warning Area Information for Isle of Wight

Click on a flood area name to view live flood alerts and warnings and historical flood information.
Coastal areas at Bembridge

Carisbrooke, Hunny Hill and Newport Quay Arts Centre on the Lukely Brook

Coastal areas at Cowes and East Cowes, and tidal areas of Newport

Eastern Yar and tributaries from Whitwell to Bembridge

Afton to School Green Road and Brookside Road at Freshwater

Coastal areas at Gurnard

Gurnard Luck, Gurnard

Gurnard Pines to Marsh Road at Gurnard from the Gurnard Luck

Coast around the Isle of Wight

Horringford, Langbridge and Alverstone on the Eastern Yar

Lukely Brook from Carisbrooke to Newport

Monktonmead at Ryde

Blackwater and Newport on the River Medina

River Medina from Blackwater to Newport

Coastal areas at Ryde

St John's Station to The Strand at Ryde from the Monktonmead Brook

Coastal areas at Sandown

Sandown, Yaverland, Yarbridge, Brading and Bembridge on the Eastern Yar

Coastal areas of Seaview and Spring Vale

Western Yar through Freshwater

Coastal areas of Wootton, Wootton Bridge and Fishbourne

Coastal areas at Yarmouth, Isle of Wight