Flood Warning Area Information for Northumberland

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Coastal rivers in Berwick and Alnwick Districts including the River Aln and Waren Burn

Coastal Rivers in South Northumberland including the River Lyne, Sleek Burn and Seaton Burn

Properties around Holy Island, Glovers Place, Giles Place and Wilkinson Place.

Properties at Garden Terrace, Hebron Terrace, Ridley Terrace, Garland Place, Glovers Place, Wilkinson Place, Albion Terrace, Chareway, Gilesgate, Tyne Green Road, Railway Cottages, Tyne Court, Giles Place, Burn Lane and Haugh Lane Industrial Estate

Coldstream Town

Dumfries and Galloway

Kelso to Coldstream

Lower River Coquet and its tributaries from Brinkburn to Warkworth

Properties on Riverside Road and Garden Terrace. Also at Sawmill Cottage.

Properties at Amble Marina, Turner Street, Broom Hill Street, Fish Market, the Harbour Office, Riverside Park, River Green, The Wynd, Coquet Yacht Club, Amble Boat Club and Amble Lifeboat Station.

Properties at the south end of Harbour Road next to Beadnell Harbour

Properties at The Chandlery and Marlin Buildings in Berwick, Blakewell Road and West End in Tweedmouth, The Waterfront at Sandstell Road in Spittal, and Berwick Dock

Properties in Blyth town centre between Kerry Close and Princess Louise Road.

Properties around Battleship Wharf, West Bridge Street, Selbourne Terrace, Wordsell Street and Dale Street in North Blyth, Blyth Quayside, and properties between Crawford Street and Goschen Street.

Properties including Herring House, St. Oswalds and Athol Brose.

Properties at Harbour Road, Chapel Row, North Street and Monks House.

The North Sea from Berwick to St Mary's Lighthouse

Ouseburn, its tributaries and north bank tributaries of the Tyne Estuary.

Properties including, Brinkburn Priory, Weldon Bridge and Weldon Mill

Properties at Coquet Lodge

Bridge End, Low Close, Mill Cottage, Bradley Brook Farm

Felton Mill and Station Cottages

Properties at Lower Maltings, Rothbury Mart, Gas Works Cottage, Thrum Mill and Burnfoot Lodge

Properties at Lower Stanners (No. 1) and Youngers Terrace (No. 1)

Properties at Upper Maltings, Well Strand, Model Buildings, Riverside, Stepping Stones and Armstrong Cottages

Properties at The Butts and Greens Park

Properties around Bridge End Cottages and Church Fields

Properties at Town Foot and at Riverside from Fir Tree House to Heughenden

Properties at Dial Place, Youngers Terrace, The Stanners, Brewery Lane, The Old School House, Bridge View, Elm Grove, The Butts, Ember Gardens, Ceowulph Close, Wellfield and Greens Park

Properties and low lying areas around Wood Street, Farriers Way, Lintzford, Riverside Way, The Copse, Bates Lane, Hexham Road, and The Sands Industrial Estate.

Properties at Eddy's Bridge, Leadmill Bridge, Allensford, Shotley Bridge, Ebchester Bridge, Blackhall Mill, Lintzford Grange, and Rowlands Gill

Properties at Eddy's Bridge, Leadmill Bridge, Allensford and Shotley Bridge

Properties and low lying areas around, Cromwell Close, Netherwitton and Longshaws Mill

River North Tyne and its tributaries from source to the confluence with the River Tyne

Properties affected include Old Mill, Ferry Cottage, Mill Cottage, Haughton Mill House, Haughton House, The Beeching and Waterside Farm.

Properties around West View, Hawthorn Terrace, Brookside Place and Boat Road

Properties at Stannershaugh Farm, Falstone Farm and those properties situated around The Croft

Properties and low lying areas around South End, South Waterside, Hatchery Cottages, The Anglers Arms and The Bakethin Fishing Lodge.

Properties at Kirkley Mill, on the riverside at Darras Hall and West Road, Prestwick Mill Farm and agricultural land around Prestwick Carr

Properties at Main Street, Ponteland Town Centre, Eland Haugh Estate, Pont View, The Cloggs, Atholl House, Callerton Lane, Cecil Court, Fairney Close, Mayfair Gardens and Fairney Edge.

River Rede and its tributaries from Catcleugh Reservoir to the Redesmouth

Properties around Otterburn Bridge, Mill House and Brownchesters, in Otterburn. As well as, White Acre, The Close, Bridge End, Brae Well Close and Redeside in West Woodburn and Redesmouth Mill in Redesmouth.

River South Tyne and its tributaries from source to the confluence with the River Tyne

Properties around Castle Glen, Station Court, Seldom Seen, Hadrian Varnish Works, Albion Works and Bellister Lodge.

Properties and low lying areas around Land Ends Road, Shaftoe Street, John Martin Street, Victoria Terrace, Ratcliffe Road, Brigwood, Langley Gardens, Greenwich Gardens, Hordley Acres, Strother Close and Church Street

Properties at Baddox Farm, Riverside at Coastley Burnfoot, Ferryman's Cottage, Yew Tree Cottage and the Joiner's Shop

Properties and low lying areas around Middle Lipwood, Innerhaugh, Innerhaugh Mews, Brigwood, Ratcliffe Road, Martins Close, Rocksprings Crescent, Temple Houses, Haydon Bridge Sewage Works and Poplars Riverside Caravan Park

Properties and low lying areas around Slaggyford, including Lake House and Knarburn Cottage. Also around Lambley, including Eals Village and Waughold Holme.

The Riverside Workshop at John Martin Street

Properties at South Tyne Mill, Hard Haugh, Coastley Burnfoot, Bridge End including the Boatside Inn and Bridge End Cottages, Toll House, Westboat Cottages and The Old Smithy

The Rivers Till, Glen, Breamish, Wooler Water and their tribrutaries

Properties and low lying land around the Boat House and the Boat House Cottage

Properties and low lying areas around Castle Street

The River Tweed, South Bank from Carham to Union Bridge

The River Tyne from Hexham to Wylam and its tributaries

Properties around Tyne Green Mews

East and West Cottages and properties and low lying areas at Bywell and the Low Prudhoe Industrial Estate including Castle Lea, Princess Way, Princess Court, Dukes Way, Dukes Court, Earls Court and Regents Drive

Properties and low lying areas around Station Road, Little Croft and The Stanners, Cemetery Lodge, Corbridge Mill and The Willows.

Properties around Tyne Green, Ferry Road, Tyne Mills, Bridge End, Anick Road, The Hermitage, and Kingshaw Green

Properties and low lying areas around Ovingham and Tyne Riverside Country Park including The Old School House, Burnside Close, Bleach Green Farm Cottage, Dene House, The Bridge End Inn, Greenhaugh House and Tyne House

Properties around Tyne Green, Railway Cottages, Spittal Cottages, Nursery Cottages and Riverside Leisure Caravan Site

Properties and low lying areas around Wellbank and St. Andrews Terrace.

The Rivers Wansbeck, Font, Hart Burn and their tributaries

Properties and low lying areas at Abbey Mills

Properties at Bothal Village, Sheepwash Bank and Sheepwash Gardens.

Properties and low lying areas at East Mill, Wansbeck Street and the Riverside Leisure Centre at Morpeth

Properties and low lying areas at Mitford Road, High Stanners, Morpeth Town Centre, Low Stanners and Middle Greens

Rivers Derwent, Team, Don, their tributaries and south bank tributaries of the Tyne Estuary

Rivers Esk and Irthing and other watercourses, including low lying areas around Longtown and Brampton

The Rivers Pont and Blyth and their tributaries

Scottish Borders

The Tweed estuary from the Whiteadder confluence to the North Sea Coast

Coastal Rivers within Tyneside and Wearside from Brier Dene to Castle Eden Burn

Upper River Coquet, River Alwin and their tributaries from source to Pauperhaugh

Properties and low lying areas around, Waterside Cottage, Budle Cottage, Hutch Farm House, Watersmeet, Waren Mill Cottages, Rose Cottage, Alness Cottage, Millfield Cottage, The Arches, Bay View and at Waren Mill Caravan Park.

Properties and low lying areas around South Road, Weetwood Avenue, Weetwood Road, Berwick Road, Turvelaws Farm and Farm Cottages